Horse Feed at Cowra Seed & Grain

cool horse blendAt Cowra Seed & Grain, we have several products for horses. We blend two different mixes that are suitable for horses. Our Cool Horse Blend is a specially selected blend of grains formulated to minimise excitable behaviour. This product DOES NOT contain oats.

Grain mix is a similar blend to the Cool Horse Blend and does contain oats for those that need the extra energy. Both of these blends are mixed with molasses. For those that like to make their own mixes we stock; Air Cleaned Oats, Rolled Oats, Cracked Corn, Cracked Lupins, Cracked Tic Bean, Rolled Barley, Black Sunflowers and Lucerne hay.

We also have Whole Barley if you like to boil that up for your horses. We also stock from other manufactures; Chaff, lick blokes, drench, pollard, bran, pallets & gum nuts.