The Grainline Feed Out Trailer is perfect for filling feeders, troughs, and combines, or trail feeding in the paddock. Designed with a gravity system the Grainline Feed Out Trailer has fewer moving parts, making it a hassle-free solution to your sheep and cattle feeding needs.

Product Features

  • Gravity feed system
  • Set & forget door system on split bins
  • Simple & hassle-free connection
  • Hopper supported with ring beam construction
  • Italian made sealed reduction gearbox
  • Nylon door tracks
  • Unique trail feeding door operation, activated by manual or remote operation
  • Deep profile construction
  • Horizontal bin doors

Product Advantages

  • Low maintenance and zero contamination
  • Consistent flow ratio of materials
  • Maximum strength and durability of hopper to prevent cracking & fatigue over time
  • Reliability & zero-maintenance gearbox
  • Simple to use
  • Consistently smooth and jam free door operation


  • Available in 3 sizes: 2.5 Tonne (30 bag), 4.0 Tonne (50 bag), and 2.5 Tonne + 4.0 Tonne Skids.
  • Additive Box allows for controlled application of extra nutrients
  • Scales controls grain delivery for precision feeding
  • Trough auger enables simple switch to trough feeding without removing main auger
  • Optional registration, subject to state requirements

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