Grading for Profit

Why Grade your Seed?

CanolaThe General Rule is the larger the seed for any particular variety, the stronger and more vigorous the seedlings are likely to be.

Large seeds also produce plants with more tillers than those grown from small seeds. Both expert official tests and practical results have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that proper seed grading gives a dramatic increase in yield – up to 45% increase.

Larger seeds not only have greater vigour but they emerge faster. Early emerging seedlings have a high probability of being larger at stem elongation and of producing more grains than later emerging seeds.

Superior production results mainly from a greater number of heads on plants grown from larger seeds.

Do you want to use the Best Quality Seed possible?
Bring your Canola to Cowra Seed & Grain.  We will take out 10% of the largest, for Premium Quality Seed. The remainder seed can be picked up for delivery to the market.

Cost – $100/tonne – 5t minimum (excluding GST)

This will achieve better quality seed than that which is commercially available – at a fraction of the cost.